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Landscape Maintenance 

Camarena Landscapes offers a wide variety of services that are designed to keep to your landscape and lawn looking alive and beautiful all year round. At Camarena Landscapes we specialize in bringing out the beauty in commercial and residential areas.
Please call today to discuss your particular needs and requirements. We are more than happy to help in any way we can and look forward to working with you.

Landscape maintenance services are available to property owners in AV  and surrounding communities. Without proper maintenance, your landscape can become an eyesore. Camarena Landscapes provides landscape clean-up services, backyard & front yard beautification and regular landscape maintenance programs for commercial and residential properties.

Whether your landscape is simple or elaborate, maintenance is the key to beauty. Our landscape maintenance managers and crew members provide all the tools and services needed to transform your unkempt yard into a healthy and beautiful scene. Lawn care, weeding, edging, mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, pruning, tree trimming, plant care and general landscape clean-up,weekly irrigation check ups are just a few of the services we perform to keep your landscape healthy, clean and attractive. In addition Camarena Landscapes, Inc. owner regularly visit all maintenance sites following up with both the clients and crews formen to assure that all needs are being met.

Residential Lawn Care & Landscape Management
Camarena Landscapes provides residential landscape maintenance. Residential landscape maintenance services range from one-time yard clean-ups to weekly, monthly and seasonal maintenance programs.
Weekly landscape maintenance programs are available for residential properties with frequent litter problems, large lawns or several plants that need regular, weekly attention. For residential properties with small yards, bi-monthly, monthly or seasonal programs are available.
We communicate with you on issues concerning the maintenance of your residential landscape. Our highly trained Irrigation specialists are also available to inspect your irrigation systems and provide repairs or upgrades.

Commercial Lawn Care, Landscape Maintenance & Grounds Management
Commercial landscapes often require a custom maintenance program to provide the level of care needed. From once a week visits to a full-time maintenance crew on site, Camarena Landscapes will ensure that your grounds and plants are well-maintained. Good communication is established between the commercial property manager and landscape maintenance project manager for quality control. Required equipment, trucks, tools and labor crews are immediately available at the start of each commercial landscape maintenance contract.

Request a Quote 
Does the landscape around your home or business need maintaining? Tell us about your lawn, weeds, overgrown trees, irrigation problems or other landscape maintenance requirements and get at a free quote for services.

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